RWCA Leadership Development Program

Leadership development is an important part of any succession planning your company does. Succession planning identifies high priority employees who will someday step into leadership positions. Having a strong development program ensures you will have the leadership to meet your business goals not just a year from now, but decades from now.


Pew Research Center indicates that men and women are looking for the same qualities in a career. Many households have women as the predominant “breadwinner” and most of the workforce will soon reflect larger workforce numbers for women then for men. Ensuring adequate training on aligned principles will ensure your company's’ success

  • Self Awareness

  • Building Relationships

  • Developing Other Leaders

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Networking

  • Negotiation

  • Strategic Thinking


  • Global Education is incorporated in each class.

  • We will wrap up the leadership program with a trip to Spain

    • Please make sure you have a valid passport

    • For special accommodations please contact us 

    • If you are employed, the employer support of your absence while attending this program is mandatory

  • Curriculum All inclusive cost is $3,500.00

Note: To maintain the integrity and experience of the program 100 percent participation is required unless there is medical/family emergency. 


All of the courses and graduation will be held at:

Hub 757

6801 Bridgeway Drive

Suffolk, VA 23435


The skills women of RWCA will have after the course:

Advanced Negotiation skills

Advanced resource building and sharing skills

Advanced skills in problem resolution



Make decisions with our values (DUCATI) in mind in every situation

Have a mindset of sharing resources as the only way to drive women forward

Mindset of growth not competition among each other


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The Curriculum is taught by Jodi Flynn

Jodi Flynn of Women Taking the Lead is an Executive Leadership Coach, Podcaster,

Author, Speaker, and Workshop Facilitator for people-leaders. She works with rising

women to improve the skills that help them advance to the top levels in their career. She is the host of the critically acclaimed Women Taking the Lead podcast and an Amazon bestselling author with her book, Accomplished: How to Go from Dreaming to Doing. Jodi has spoken at the Massachusetts Conference for Women, The Maine Women’s Conference, Podcast Movement, and the Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference. She is the President for the board of The Maine Women’s Conference and has been featured in Entrepreneur and Forbes Magazine.  

RWCA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit under EIN 83-3500283. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable under the law. 

“As 2016-2017 President of the Junior League of Portland, it fell under my purview to fulfill one of the missions of our Junior League organization, which is to develop the potential of women. I immediately knew that I needed Jodi to come and speak with our League! In our focus of developing the potential women, we are well aware we are training women to become civic, nonprofit and business leaders. Jodi's presentation on stress personalities and how to use them to one's advantage not only provided our members with important, actionable skills, but her talk was also a hit! We will certainly be inviting her back. We are lucky to have her as a rising star in the Portland business community, and I know her reach with her podcast, coaching and speaking extends far beyond Portland! I highly recommend Jodi as a coach and speaker!”


Katie Clark

Past President

Junior League of Portland


“As a leader in life and career, Jodi is resourceful and gives all she has in the pursuit of communication, coaching, and presenting or facilitating process.  Over the years, Jodi has consistently demonstrated approachability, poise, and integrity. 


From my perspective, the best way to describe Jodi is as a woman of integrity, with abundant charisma and a first-rate intellect.  Her willingness to continually learn and grow makes her fun to be around and her zest for life has inspired more people than I can count.  She has touched people with her intelligence and she has that elusive characteristic we all need…accessibility.  She is easy to approach, steady in her demeanor and interested in the welfare of others, which is the essence of her facilitation and presentation skills.”


Ralph Twombly


Priority Learning Research


jodi logo.png


Jodi is a Rockstar! The End.

On a more serious note, as the owner of multiple businesses including the BNI Maine franchise of Business Networking International (BNI), an international networking organization, I personally speak at a lot of events, and see many international speakers, team builders, motivational inspires, etc. who do not come close to having the impact that Jodi has every time she speaks. Jodi has a professional, calming, relatable demeanor that delivers the chosen message in a confident and creative manner. Jodi has spoken many times for BNI, each leaving me, who without reservation, have been told is someone hard to speak in front of, thinking about my world, reevaluating my goals, getting ME to think outside of the box. Each time Jodi has spoken our members give huge praise, for months they are reaching out with inquires on when she can speak again or when she will be back. This last time she spoke I had a member come up to me and say, “Jodi delivers the motivation I need without her being blunt, sarcastic, or spelling it out. I always feel like I get to the answer without her having to give it to me. When will she be back?” This is a very common reaction from our members. Jodi is the speaker that opens areas of your brain that you didn’t know worked or existed. If your organization is looking for an inspirational and motivational speaker, look no further. I would not only HIGHLY recommend Jodi Flynn of Women Taking The Lead but I would put my reputation on her actions. If you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out to me at 207-894-7200 or Kelly@

Thank you! Kelly Mank

“Maine Bankers Association Women in Banking Conference – 2019


I can highly recommend Jodi Flynn as a dynamic, thought provoking speaker.  She was a fantastic addition to our conference.  She had a room of 200 women up on their feet and the room was buzzing!  She is easy to bounce ideas off of and was very willing to tailor her content to meet our needs.


Some feedback from our conference attendees.


“I liked that she made us talk to people we didn't know to network, even though this is something that I am not good at. It was nice to get out of my comfort zone. And her information on follow up was a nice reminder too.”


“Jodi's presentation was very hands on which was great. She did a nice job making networking more approachable to introverts/extroverts. I appreciated the interactive moments the most as I met some great ladies! Please have her come back!”


 “I had one idea of what "networking" is and Jodi made me realize that networking does not have to be what the traditional networking once was. It can be anything we want it to be! Networking is an important part of my job, and Jodi helped me find ways to be more comfortable with it.””


Jessica Verry

Manager of Member Services

Maine Bankers Association

“Diversified has been so fortunate to partner with Jodi on our Global Leadership Development Program - if only there was a way to clone her and selfishly have her on our team! Her insightful and personable style and dynamic ability to put challenging topics into context using practical tools and strategies has been extremely effective for our groups. It’s clear that her guidance has given program participants transformative strategies for greater leadership success and they’ve all pleaded for 'more time' with her!  She’s delivered highly successful sessions for us and I look forward to working with her on many more to come.”


Dana Maletzke

Vice President Human Resources

Diversified Communications


Jodi designed and facilitated an outstanding performance coaching workshop for the managers and leaders in our organization. She created a program that met our objectives and included actionable takeaways. Jodi took a thoughtful and personalized approach to creating the workshop agenda and work guide. She facilitated the session with a very energetic and interactive style, and worked within our budget. During the training, Jodi fielded difficult questions with sophistication and had a perfect sense for what was needed in the moment. Jodi is engaging, knowledgeable, and passionate about her work. After the workshop, our employees were energized and eager to put the new skills to practice.

Thank you, Jodi!


Jaclyn Mandrake

Director of Human Resources

Maine Public

The rules that govern who we are, what we do, and how we do it!


We value Diversity because greatness comes from all backgrounds and education levels


We value Unity because to raise women to the next level, we have to unite and support one another


We value Collaboration because through collaboration trust and long lasting relationships are formed


We value Accountability because taking ownership is the first step toward meaningful life change


We value radical transparency because transparency inspires true growth


We value Integrity because consistent adherence to moral and ethical principles is at the base of everything we do.

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