A Note From Our Founder

Businesses have responsibilities. Whether you are for profit or not-for-profit, your influence and results should impact the world around you.  


In a world where climate change, inequality, hunger and famine exist, we must all take an active role in the solution. An investment in the leadership structure of any organization and the role of women in it is undoubtedly of significant importance nationally and globally. 


Through RWCA's partnership with you, we will be a catalyst to remind the world of our foundation and help make a difference for everyone and everything we encounter."


The role of women in society has often been misunderstood because of historic perception and gender stereotypes. Our efforts are simply to propel the current generation of women forward and help them along their path of becoming leaders of the future. 


Growing through Integrity, Transparency, and Education


We believe that education is the most critical component in shaping a strategic and successful leader. When we think of education, we often associate it with books. At RWCA, we are bringing you more than just books. We provide experience, hands on learning, community impact, global education, and global travel. 


We have an obligation to use the resources we have to create the best possible program with a mission to drive women in leadership, improve businesses in Virginia, and impact the local economy.


Some say it is crazy to take on such a task, but we believe that through collaboration and community support we can develop world class leaders in our community. 


In order to gauge the results of our program, we will track careers of individuals for up to 5 years post graduation. We will adapt, make improvements, and at times make mistakes; we will however always learn, be humble, and apply our learning to make a sustained improvement. The only way to truly grow is through transparency. 

Thank you for your support. We appreciate your interest. 

Roze Merditaj


We believe that learning is experiential and, if you intend to make an impact, you can never stop learning. 

RWCA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit under EIN 83-3500283. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable under the law. 

The rules that govern who we are, what we do, and how we do it!


We value Diversity because greatness comes from all backgrounds and education levels


We value Unity because to raise women to the next level, we have to unite and support one another


We value Collaboration because through collaboration trust and long lasting relationships are formed


We value Accountability because taking ownership is the first step toward meaningful life change


We value radical transparency because transparency inspires true growth


We value Integrity because consistent adherence to moral and ethical principles is at the base of everything we do.

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Real Women Collective Action

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